I serve in a non-family duty station that may become a family duty station and at that time my family will join me. Why is the lump-sum relocation grant for the shipment of their personal belonging only $5,000 and not the lump-sum at the dependency rate?

When you were initially installed at your duty station, you should have received a relocation grant for $10,000, which is the amount at single rate (considering that your family did not travel with you at that time). Now when at least one of your family members travels to join you in the duty station, you will be receiving additional $5,000, which is the difference between the family rate and the single rate. Please refer to the guidelines for the implementation of GA Resolution 65/248 on the harmonization of the conditions of service for internationally recruited staff currently appointed or assigned to a non-family location for one year or longer that will become a regular family duty station. It is stipulated that staff members are eligible for shipment of personal effects of the eligible family members under Staff Rules or payment of $5, 000 relocation grant in lieu of shipment of personal effects.