How do I update my beneficiary details in Umoja if they were never converted to Umoja?

You can update your beneficiary information in Umoja by re-entering your beneficiary information. Access  'beneficiary details' under 'personal information' and enter the new beneficiary details and percent shares (making sure they total 100%).  Once entered, you should print out the form and sign in the presence of an HR partner as a witness, and the HR partner will counter-sign.

The HR Partner will only approve a new beneficiary form upon the counter-signed hardcopy that will be kept in your official status file. 

Also note that the Umoja beneficiary form is only for entitlements that are due to you from the organization and does not include your pension benefits.  To update the UN Pension Fund (UNJSPF) beneficiary information, please visit the UNJSPF website and complete the respective beneficiary form.

Once your beneficiary request is submitted and in process, you will not be able to make further changes until this workflow is completed.