The academic institution my child attends charges various administrative and academic fees. When applying for the education grant, how can I know which fees are admissible/not admissible expenses?

Admissible expenses are tuition, textbooks, or tuition for the teaching of the mother tongue when the dependent child attends a local school in which the instruction is given in a language other than his or her own. All admissible and non-admissible expenses are explained in detail the relevant administrative instructions listed on the Education Grant HR Factsheet and found in the HR Handbook and may further be specified through periodic Information Circulars.When you submit a claim for admissible expenses you must also have the required documentation: a) You must have the P.41 form “Certificate of Attendance and Costs and Receipts for Payment” completed by the school. b) Substantiating documents—the invoices, receipts, cancelled checks and bank statements that document the education expenditures c) If you wish to claim for private tuition for education in the mother tongue, you must also have the teacher’s certification.