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Date Summary Description Ref
28-Apr-2017 "Expense Amount is Mandatory" hard stop when trying to amend a trip with a $0.00 receipt When TPO is amending an approved trip which already has an approved expense report, if one of the expense line items has a $0.00 value, the system had thrown an "expense amount is mandatory" hard stop error.

This issue has been corrected.
28-Apr-2017 Stand-alone expense reports creating commitments for expired funds This INTTRK corrects the defect that allowed stand-alone expense reports to be submitted and approved (and actual commitments created) for expired funds. INTTRK-11814
28-Apr-2017 Foreign expense not getting calculated properly in the PDF + grant field trimmed in the PDF This INTTRK resolves two issues in the Travel Authorization PDF:

1. Foreign expense conversion rate was using the current date instead of travel dates
2. For trips funded by grants, the grant number was truncated
26-Apr-2017 Traveler work center recommended action is incorrect In Traveler Work Center the "Recommended Action" for workflow status UAP (Travel Claim Unit Approved) and CLS (Year-end Closing) now properly displays "No Action" INTTRK-12420
24-Apr-2017 Remove Traveler email address from Approve and Award Notification When TPO selects 'Approve & Award' the traveler's email address is no longer brought in to the email notification dialogue. INTTRK-12840
21-Apr-2017 Activate 21 day justification for trips resubmitted after requiring changes by traveller The requirement for entering justification for travel requested within 21 days of departure is now enforced when the travel preparer re-submits a request after making revisions. INTTRK-12784
13-Apr-2017 Portal Dump for F4 help on Subsistence Region An error message is now displayed when the F4 search help button for Subsistence Region is clicked without filling the fields Subsistence Country or Dates. INTTRK-12749
13-Apr-2017 TA Request Cancellation & Amendment issue. Request Cancellation' and 'Complete Cancel' buttons are now disabled when an amendment has been requested and remains in progress. INTTRK-12747
13-Apr-2017 Name change to Expense Type TRN2 and TRN3 Expense types TRN2 - Train Fare Ticket Cost (Staff) and TRN3 - Train Fare Ticket Cost - FMbr, have been modified/enhanced as follows:

Train/Bus/Ferry/Other-SelfTck (TRN0)
Train/Bus/Ferry/Other-TcketAdj (TRN1)
Train/Bus/Ferry/Other-Staff (TRN2)
Train/Bus/Ferry/Other-Fmbr (TRN3)
Train/Bus/Ferry/Other-SelfFmbr TRN4

The change was enacted so offices using 'Bus/Ferry and other Surface' methods as means of travel can link the expense to approved vendors for company paid expenses.
13-Apr-2017 Dump in portal if the total number of deductions are more than 255. This INTTRK resolves a portal dump for trips where the number of deductions exceed 255 INTTRK-11941
13-Apr-2017 Lock Radio Buttons for "Ticket Provided by" and "Travel Processing Office" when TPO is amending Travel Request During the amendment process, 'Travel Processing Office' and 'Tickets to be issued through' radio buttons are now disabled. INTTRK-9018
11-Apr-2017 Non Commercial OCHA Configuration TPO Non-Commercial (TV.20) has been configured for OCHA at the highest Org. Unit level. (20001977, 20002651, 20003984); all non-commercial travel for OCHA staff will be routed to the Non-Commercial OCHA TPOs. INTTRK-10434
10-Apr-2017 Configure MSA rate for Bogota, Colombia MSA rate for Bogota, Colombia has been added. INTTRK-12600
07-Apr-2017 Change 'Reject' button to: 'Cancel Trip...' and Display Popup Asking for Confirmation The 'Reject' button for TPOs has been relabeled 'Cancel Trip' and a popup is displayed requesting confirmation. INTTRK-12431
07-Apr-2017 Travel - Label changes - 'Change' button to 'Edit' - Amend text to selection within the question "Is the traveller a member of an organ or subsidiary organ In the Traveler Work Center the 'Change' button has been renamed 'Edit' INTTRK-9223
04-Apr-2017 Misaligment of Status - Amendment/Ticket Amendment This INTTRK addresses certain scenarios within amendment functionality that resulted in a discrepancy between the custom status of a travel request and the SAP standard status, causing various problems related to workflow and finance integration. INTTRK-10866
31-Mar-2017 Lumpsum expense report is being routed through approvers even though no additional expenses added in ER. Lumpsum expense reports in which no changes are made will now be routed through the express claims workflow. INTTRK-11516
24-Mar-2017 For Lumpsum Travel, hard stop error when TPO displays the itinerary in the ER; system allows incorrect entry in mandatory field. Validation for itinerary fields and "Lump Sum to Established Place" are no longer performed at the TPO level
Validation of Departure and Arrival Cities is now performed for all travelers
24-Mar-2017 Dump in portal due for "Name of the non listed organ or subsidiary organ" The "Name of the non-listed organ or subsidiary organ" field now properly accepts values up to its full 256 character capacity INTTRK-11938
24-Mar-2017 Travel Administrator role - Remove all links to items related to AWC for TR, SR, ER Approver Work Center links have been removed from the Travel Administrator tab in the portal. INTTRK-12581
24-Mar-2017 Expired email being used to send travel notifications The system now properly retrieves the current email address for use in notifications. INTTRK-12475
24-Mar-2017 New Travel Vendor for UNGSC- Brindisi New Travel Vendor, Ventura spa, has been configured for UNGSC (Brindisi) INTTRK-12576
24-Mar-2017 New Travel Vendor for UNGSC- Brindisi New Travel Vendor, Ventura spa, has been configured for UNGSC (Brindisi) INTTRK-12576
21-Mar-2017 Dump in portal due to system unable to convert special characters (html) as approvers are copying email content with email ids starting with < and > and pasting in approver comments The system now properly does nothing with brackets ("<", ">") appearing in comment text INTTRK-11582
17-Mar-2017 Changes to Trip Document Tracking "Report" Multiple enhancements to the Trip Document Tracking report including resizable columns, column heading changes for clarity, and word-wrapping enabled to ensure all values are fully visible. INTTRK-12318
10-Mar-2017 New Travel Vendor to be configured for UNODC - Islamabad and UNOV New Travel service provider QUALITY AVIATION (PVT) LTD has been configured for UNODC-Islamabad and UNOV INTTRK-12241
10-Mar-2017 AWC Performance and 'TSA Office' Column - Issues Stemming from INTTRK-10735 This INTTRK addresses performance issues and a problem with the 'TSA Office' column, both stemming from INTTRK-10735 (delivered 3-Mar-2017) INTTRK-12571
09-Mar-2017 Travel Advance Recovery Program This INTTRK resolves a number of defects in the travel and payroll integration batch, enabling more frequent execution of the program to recover travel advances for trips where travelers did not submit their expense reports on time. INTTRK-11336
06-Mar-2017 Disable “Amend Approved Travel Authorisation” button for Cancelled Trips The “Amend Approved Travel Authorization” button is now properly disabled for trips that have already been cancelled. INTTRK-12159
03-Mar-2017 Add Traveler Duty Station, Org. Unit and Events Name to AWC, and Rename 'Submission Date' column to 'Date of Prior Approval' The following columns have been added to the Approver Work Center (AWC):

Traveler Duty Station
Traveler Org. Unit
Event Name

Additionally, 'Submission Date' has been renamed to 'Date of Prior Approval'
24-Feb-2017 Travel admin name appears as traveler on itinerary details page. A display defect was corrected whereby the Travel Administrator's name (instead of the traveler's name).would appear on the top portion of the Itinerary Details page of a standalone expense report INTTRK-11936
10-Feb-2017 Stand-alone expense report creation is giving a dump because of syntax error in the code This INTTRK corrects a defect whereby the system would crash when creating a standalone expense report identified as a supplemental claim for a travel request that has multiple amendments INTTRK-12076
10-Feb-2017 New Travel Vendor to be configured for UNODC CAIRO, UNOV and RSCE New travel vendors have been configured:

- For UNODC CAIRO & UNOV: Alkarama Travel Ltd

- For RSCE: Uniglobe Northline Travel Limited Entitlement
06-Feb-2017 Create validation at time of travel request/expense report/stand alone expense report creation to verify BP existence A new validation at the time of travel request or expense report creation has been added. This rule will not allow trip creation if no valid BP exists, preventing future failed postings due to 'No Vendor Found' and related error messages. INTTRK-10450
06-Feb-2017 Users are unable to create Expense Report when their previous amendment workflow is in error status A defect was corrected whereby attempts to create an expense report were met with an error message regarding an amendment request still in progress. INTTRK-11706
06-Feb-2017 Comments for return of expense reports are not visible or available to the Travellers A defect was fixed whereby the traveler would not be able to view comments entered by the Travel Claim Processor when the TCP returns an expense report for correction INTTRK-11430
20-Jan-2017 New shipment vendor for ECA Shipment Vendor Panafric Global PLC has been configured for ECA INTTRK-11796
13-Jan-2017 Travel Validation to prevent FI postings with 32/33xxx & GMNRTravel Validation to prevent FI postings with 32/33xxx & GMNR The system was allowing postings in FI for 32 or 33 funds with GMNR instead of deriving the correct grants. The issue was prevalent in the ticket billing solution.

This INTTRK blocked this from happening in the upstream processes.
13-Jan-2017 New Validating Carrier Air Astana (KC) and Ocean Air (O6) have been included n the list of Validating Carriers, in the estimated cost grid. INTTRK-11800
23-Dec-2016 New Travel service provider for UNODC - Tehran, Sati Travel Agency, has been configured. New Travel service provider for UNODC - Tehran, Sati Travel Agency, has been configured. INTTRK-11643
19-Dec-2016 UNDP Lebanon (BP 1400000821) has been configured as a service provider UNDP Lebanon (BP 1400000821) has been configured as a service provider INTTRK-11737
06-Dec-2016 Overpayment of Advances for DSA+15% and +40% Recipients A defect has been corrected whereby advances were overpaid for those entitled to 15% and 40% additional DSA. INTTRK-8468
02-Dec-2016 Misaligned Custom vs Standard Status in Expense Report Certain scenarios resulted in a discrepancy between the custom status of a travel request and the SAP standard status, causing various problems related to workflow and finance integration. These have been resolved for Expense Reports. An additional INTTRK (INTTRK-10000) was delivered 25-Nov-2016 to address similar issues for Travel Requests INTTRK-10682
26-Nov-2016 Already Posted travel related commitments become sensitive to Exchange Rate change (former INTTRK-9044) This INTTRK resolves the defect whereby commercial tickets in non-USD currency were being revalued during expense report creation, resulting in 'budget period expired' errors. INTTRK-10810
25-Nov-2016 Misaligned Custom vs Standard Status in Travel Request Certain scenarios resulted in a discrepancy between the custom status of a travel request and the SAP standard status, causing various problems related to workflow and finance integration. These have been resolved for travel requests. An additional INTTRK (INTTRK-10682) was delivered 2-Dec-2016 to address similar issues for expense reports. INTTRK-10000
25-Nov-2016 Defaulting of Shipment Units for all UN Entities Default logic for Shipment Processing Office has been corrected and will no longer display duplicate values. INTTRK-8021
25-Nov-2016 Travel Recovery Email Notification Incorrectly Directs Travellers to HR Partner Text of the Email notifying staff that a recovery has been initiated had included an instruction to contact their HR Partner if they have any questions. This is incorrect and has been removed. INTTRK-11031
18-Nov-2016 Unable to Approve Staff+Family Travel - Issues Stemming from INTTRK-9691 (Time Field functionality) Itinerary arrival/departure time fields will default to 00:01/00:02 respectively

Submission of any itinerary line with a 00:00 (blank) time is prohibited, with a hard-stop error.

A valid date/time progression for all itineraries will be enforced. The system will no longer automatically adjust time values to achieve a valid progression.

A residual defect from INTTRK-9691 has been corrected whereby the system replaced the lump sum amount entered for a dependent child with the lump sum amount for an adult.
28-Oct-2016 Disable C5 National staff from using the Umoja travel solution ESS Travel solution will not be available for DFS C5 staff members, they will continue to use their existing foundation solution i.e. DFS FSS (Field Support System) to enact travel until further notice. INTTRK-11124
28-Oct-2016 Expense type (USHP) to be configured for UNGSC Brindisi/6D SCHENKER ITALIANA SPA Unaccompanied Shipment expense type is now available for service provider SCHENKER ITALIANA at shipment unit UNGSC Brindisi. INTTRK-11343
28-Oct-2016 Incorrect payment of DSA when methods of transportation other than Commercial Aircraft are selected DSA deductions are now calculated correctly regardless of the mode of transportation chosen in the itinerary. There were some issues when other modes of transportation than "commercial aircraft" were selected. Additionally, DSA deductions now remain even if the DSA box is unchecked and checked again. INTTRK-10828
28-Oct-2016 Itinerary time fields will default to a valid from-to progression, and automatically adjust to avoid simple errors. Validation for itinerary time fields has been enhanced and automated, to improve data integrity and eliminate "Cannot determine exchange rate for trip provision variant" errors in expense reports

00:00 is a 'blank' time value (midnight = 24:00), and may no longer be saved or submitted in any itinerary line. All new itinerary lines will default to 00:01/00:02 for departure/arrival times respectively.

A valid progression of departure -> arrival date/time will be enforced for all itineraries. The system will automatically adjust arrival time to come after departure time (by one minute) if necessary, and display an informational message when such action has been taken.

Additionally, Work Start/End times (for Official Travel) now default to 09:00/17:00 respectively.
28-Oct-2016 Change Query' link is now available in the Traveler Work Center, enabling visibility of trips over one year old The 'Change Query' link is now available in the Traveler Work Center, allowing users to view trips over one year old (default is 12 months, users may change to "All") INTTRK-11222
21-Oct-2016 "Destination beginning on at 00:00:00 is not allowed" - navigation defect in amendment action and expense report for lump sums when itinerary for dependents does not match that of the staff member. Error message "Destination beginning on at 00:00:00 is not allowed" will no longer appear. INTTRK-10762
21-Oct-2016 Provide TSA role with FM and FI related T-Codes Certifying Officers (Travel & Shipment Approvers - TSAs) now have access to the following T-Codes, facilitating their ability to view finance data as it pertains to travel, check status and provide updates as necessary to staff regarding payments and/or receivables:

FBL1N - Vendor Line Item Display
FB03 - Display Accounting Documents
FMAVCR02 - Display Overall Values of Control Objects
ZTV_TravelAcc - Travel Account Analysis Report (Travel merged with FI Payables)
ZGMRBUDACT - Available Balance by Grant
30-Sep-2016 Remove Delete capability from ZTVV_TRVL_EVENT In Travel Event Maintenance (ZTVV_TRVL_EVENT) the ability to delete records has been removed. INTTRK-10923
16-Sep-2016 Error message "Cost distribution cannot be assigned to any stopover in the trip" For Certifying Officers (TSAs), technical issues causing the message "Cost distribution cannot be assigned to any stopover in the trip" have been corrected. INTTRK-9985
13-Sep-2016 ESCAP TPO Mappings Many UNEP org unites were remapped to route to various TPO offices:

ESCAP Bangkok
UNEP Geneva
UNEP Montreal
UNEP Panama
UNHQ New York
UNON Nairobi
01-Sep-2016 OCHA TPO Mappings Many OCHA org units were remapped to route to various TPO offices:

ESCAP Bangkok
UNHQ New York
UNOG Geneva
UNON Nairobi
26-Aug-2016 "Ticket Not Provided by U.N." Radio Button is Unable to Be Selected The "Ticket Not Provided by U.N." radio button was unable to be selected (clicking it immediately changed the selection to "Commercial Travel Provider"). This has been corrected. INTTRK-10603
26-Aug-2016 Enforce Validation of Mandatory Fields in Est Cost Grid Only for "Approve" and "Approve & Award" Buttons Mandatory fields in the Estimated Costs Grid are no longer enforced when a bid process is selected or when returning a travel request for revision; they are now only enforced upon 'Approve' and 'Approve and Award' INTTRK-6429
26-Aug-2016 Changes in the Request Amendment Functionality by TSA 1. An expense report may no longer be created for trip that has an amendment request pending (this was causing data integrity problems)

2. When an amendment is requested for a travel request which is yet to be approved for the first time by a TPO, such a request will now come to the TPO as a normal travel request submitted for approval. Prior to this change such a request would come as an amendment.
26-Aug-2016 Manually Calculated DSA on travel request does not get pulled into expense report The 'Subsistence Allowance' expense type is now only system-populated and not available for user selection upon TR creation. Users may now only use expense type DSAJ - "Subsistence Allowance Adjustment" as necessary. Prior to this change, manual entry of the "regular" Subsistance Allowance expense type was not reflected in the expense report. INTTRK-10469
12-Aug-2016 Validation needed if the CO forgets to add the UNDP Vendor or types the name in instead of using the drop down menu Added a validation to ensure a valid UNDP vendor is selected. If not, an error message will be displayed and the user will not be able to navigate to the next page. INTTRK-9735
29-Jul-2016 Entire Estimated Cost Grid becomes Editable during amendment process Fixed a defect in the estimated cost grid where the grid incorrectly became modifiable in certain scenarios. INTTRK-9609
29-Jul-2016 Fix for AVC check from INTTRK 6942 - Save Draft in Expense Report ONLY Fixed a defect where the AVC check on Expense Reports was not functioning when the Approver "saves as draft" on the last page and then subsequently tries to approve. AVC check was not giving an error when there was an insufficient budget. INTTRK-9339
29-Jul-2016 MINUSTAH - New travel Agency New Travel Agency is newly added and properly configured for MINUSTAH. INTTRK-10490
29-Jul-2016 Non-Commercial TPO - No-Ticket Solution ("TPO Express") The concept of "TPO Non-Commercial" (and a corresponding enterprise role, TV.20) is introduced with this enhancement to streamline the approval workflow for non-commercial travel requests (those not containing Commercial Air or Rail tickets).

TPO Non-Commercial functionality is optional for those travel processing offices that have a need to
delegate the processing of Non-Commercial travel requests.

Additionally, the Travel Processing Office field has been enhanced to use lookup functionality in place of a simple drop-down list.

The TPO Non-Commercial job aid with full detail is available at
29-Jul-2016 Uniformed Personnel Travel Requests not found in (AWC) Pending Items nor Completed Items. Fixed a defect where TSA and TPO approved UP Travel Requests were not displaying in the Approver Work Center Completed Items tab. INTTRK-9968
22-Jul-2016 Create New Country with Blank Name to Associate Jerusalem The following cities are now associated with country "Occupied Territories" (formerly they were listed under Israel) pursuant to OLA recommendations:

Gaza City
Jenin Camp

For the city of Jerusalem, in compliance with the OLA recommendation to " listed separately from any State or territory", it is now associated with a country with a blank name. Therefore, for itinerary lines that include Jerusalem, the appropriate Subsistence Country and Subsistence Region will need to be selected manually by the User.
22-Jul-2016 Ticket Expenses are Somehow Doubling in the Portal upon submission of ER by Travel Administrator - triggers workflow when it should be express Defect introduced to production on 31 May 2016 which asked users to explain why expenses had exceeded maximum allowable amount, even when they had not, has been corrected. This should also correct the workflow for claims which should be going express. INTTRK-9952
22-Jul-2016 PR03 - Restricting users from creating new trips using PR03 transaction This modification introduces an error message upon attempt to use 'Create' in PR03, stating "No advance trip schema 'VS' is available for Trip Provision Variant UN'. The use of PR03 should be undertaken with caution and only when absolutely necessary, but in *no case* should the 'create' button or option ever be used. INTTRK-10456
13-Jul-2016 Allow Federated Maintenance of Travel Events Creation and maintenance of travel events is now available to those with the TV.06 role (Travel and Shipment Administrator Non-Staff), via T-Code ZTVV_TRVL_EVENT.

Please see the job aid for Events Maintenance at
10-Jun-2016 Add a column "Submission Date" into Approver Work Center A new column 'Submission Date' is added in TSA and TPO Approval Work Center.
The Submission date reflects the date where TSA / TPO has approved respectively.

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Process Ticket Invoices - Expired Funds

Notes and Procedures for Expired Funds - Travel Outreach Session 21-Sep-2016

iNeed Jump Start Guide

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Please see the latest job aid for this error message


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By default the Traveler Work Center and Travel Administrator screens display trips from the prior 12 months only. To view all trips...

Select 'Change Query' on the right side of the screen:

For 'Show Trips in the Past', select 'All' (or another desired date range), and click 'Apply'

HH   Ref WO-IM-1-3873610563   

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Please do NOT modify the employee group or subgroup of a retiree to travel him or her.

Use the fast-track Mini-Master process (PA42) and the 88xxxxxx series of index numbers, and ensure that index number is used to create the travel request

Please refer to the Travel Job Aid>Create HR Mini Master Record - Fast Entry for Meeting Participants and Contingent Members


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Please recall that Standalone Expense Reports must only be used to claim travel-related expenses for which there is no associated and approved travel request, or as a supplemental claim to the original, approved Expense Report

Please consult the Standalone Expense Report Job Aid for complete instructions

In the Create Expense Report screen, Stand-Alone Expense Reports are initiated using the "Expense Report" section below the list of existing trips.


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Incomplete HR Mini-Master data causes the HR-to-BP sync to fail; in turn, Travel posting runs are unable to generate FI documents and travellers will not receive payments because their vendor record does not exist.

The most common causes of these problems are:

1. Failure to write Infotype 0006, Subtype 1 - mailing address. This field must be populated, even with simply a period - but if is left blank the sync will always fail

2. Incorrect or Never-Assigned Employee Subgroup (ESG). XA (create index number) and E7 (other, badges) must NOT be used in an HR Mini-Master. XA is generated initially by the system, and requires the user to assign a valid ESG to the traveller. E7 is not a valid category for anyone who will be transacting in any way with the Organisation. The HR-BP sync specifically excludes these two employee subgroups; therefore Travellers must not be assigned either of these categories.

The above issues are easily avoided by using T-Code PA42 and following the Travel Job Aid entitled 'Create HR Mini Master Record - Fast Entry for Meeting Participants and Contingent Members'


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1. Issues related to ticket billing and ticket liquidation programs:

a. Creation of erroneous recoveries from travellers, identified through monthly execution of payroll recovery program
(system issue resolved by INTTRK-8636 on 10-Jun-2016, data fixes ongoing)

b. Erroneous overpayment to travellers
(system issue resolved by INTTRK-7701 on 18-Feb-2016, data fixes ongoing)

c. Erroneous payments generated to UNDP
(system issue resolved by INTTRK-7701 on 18-Feb-2016, data fixes ongoing)

2. Premature liquidation of commitments prior to trip completion, resulting in understatement of commitments
(system fix in progress INTTRK-9733 )

3. Completed travel with open commitments, resulting in overstatement of commitments, and may include "open in GM but closed in FM" scenarios.
(Corrections performed by FM/GM through a standard SAP program)

4. Wiping out of expense line items in trip details causing reversal of expense, liquidation of commitments and understatement of expenditure.
(system fix in progress INTTRK-9733)

5. Grants and Travel: Double obligation of ticket costs for some trips at the time of expense report creation overdrawing from the budget pool.
(system fix in progress INTTRK-8734)

6. B15 Travel Claims: Ongoing issue preventing the submission of expense claim funded through B15 cost assignment. Specific scenarios include foreign currency revaluation, liquidated commitments, expenses wiped out.
(system fixes in progress INTTRK-9044, 9621, 8433)

7. Travel approved successfully in portal but does not register as approved in standard SAP; impact on creation of commitments, payment of travel advances and posting of ticket costs.
(system fix in progress INTTRK-10000)


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There are various business situations that would require the issuance of travel advances through ECC following the approval of a travel request. Such specific cases include travel on TDY where the maximum travel advance amount payable through the portal is limited to $15,000 while the actual travel advance entitlements are above that threshold. Any additional amount above the threshold has to be issued additionally through ECC.

It has been recently identified that the use of the t-code (PR03) to issue additional advance in ECC is causing an issue on the travel and finance integration component that results in releasing the entire commitments that were originally approved and reserved. The Umoja team is therefore strongly discouraging the use of this functionality and requesting to minimize these transactions to the extent possible. A long term solution is currently in progress to replace this functionality.

If an advance is issued through ECC, the below steps must be followed to reinstate the commitments to its original status.

1) Prior to requesting the issuance of additional advance to Finance, Travel Shipment Approver (TSA) are to ensure that the actual amounts of the DSA and other travel entitlements are updated in the portal and the commitments are in line with the advance amount that is to be issued.

2) In cases where the commitments are lower than the advance amount, TSAs would need to request an amendment to Travel Processing Officers (TPOs) to increase the entitlement amount in the portal and re-approve the trip prior to requesting the issuance of additional advance.

3) Travel Claim Processors (TCPs) are to ensure that the amount of the travel advance to be issued is in line with the obligated amount in travel request.

4) Upon issuance of the travel advance, TCPs are to request for immediate amendment of the travel request to the TPOs to reinstate the commitments back to their prior status.

HS   Ref INTTRK-9733   

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A recent OLA memo suggested that Jerusalem be listed "separately from any State or territory". The consequence for Umoja travel is that the Subsistence Country (and then Subistence Region) must be selected manually in the travel itinerary

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Once an expense report (ER) has been created it is not possible to partially cancel a travel request. The workaround is to zero out all expenses in the ER *except* for commercial tickets, and submit the ER.

HH/SF   Ref WO-IM-1-3988478582   

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If you are trying to partially cancel, you will need to add new negative lines for all the commitments you wish to reduce or eliminate. Do not uncheck the allow system to calculate subsistence allowance box. Otherwise, you will wipe out the service provider on the air ticket line. Instead, please put all itinerary lines in "No DSA/MSA payable".

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DSA Subsistence Regions and Cities are determined by the ICSC and imported into Umoja for use in the travel module. In cases where the ICSC makes a change to a DSA region and expires or creates a new one, please follow these steps:

Input your itinerary using the screenshot below as guidance. This scenario applies to "Mogadishu" which was expired by the ICSC as of 29 Feb, and replaced by "Elsewhere" as of 1 March. Break up your trip into isolated chunks according to the expiration date of the old subsistence region. In this case, we insert a line for the 29th of Feb, in which you choose "Elsewhere" as the subsistence region.

In this case, the DSA entitlement for the night of the 29th will calculate with the wrong rate; to correct the miscalculation, on the "Enter Expense Details" screen, make an adjustment for the $24 difference between the night of the 29th February rate and the rate as of the 1st of March. Please input the comments, as shown here, for audit purposes.

SF   Ref WO-IM-1-3849284845   

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This issue was discovered on 30-May-2016, where the travel portal is double counting air tickets and similar charges upon submission of an expense report. This issue is on the travel portal ONLY, and it does not affect any back-end calculations. You will be reimbursed appropriately, and the system will not double consume any tickets against your budgets, despite this message.

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It is not necessary to enter travel times in an itinerary in the General Data page of the Travel Request except when the departure and arrival times are on the same day, and the journey is one way (e.g. travel on appointment, transfer or repatriation).

The system allows the approval of such a Travel Request, but the error will resurface at the Expense Report stage when accessing the General Data page, and at this point, it will not allow you to edit the itinerary, until the error is corrected, which prohibits creation of the expense report.

The workaround, until the issue is fixed, is to have a TPO amend the Travel Request and enter a logical time progression such as 09:00 - 13:00. After that, the user will be able to create an Expense Report in the normal manner.


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There is no workaround for this issue. It is important to understand that when your budget period closes (either 30-Jun or 31-Dec), any travel requests which have not been approved and which use the closed budget period, will no longer be eligible for approval without changing the budget period to the new one. The system reads the current date, sees your budget period is closed, and does not allow any exceptions.

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This issue is usually caused by misaligned travel request status values in SAP custom vs. standard tables.

You can identify this issue by looking at the trip status in the line itself and then scrolling down to the bottom of the page to see the status at the bottom. One will say 'Request Recorded' the other will say 'Request Approved'.

SF   Ref INTTRK-10000   

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This message indicates a temporary situation related to financial posting batch jobs for travel documents. These batch jobs are monitored regularly whereby errant documents are excluded and the batches re-run, resolving the issues that caused the "...documents not posted" error message. Please do not raise an iNeed work order for this message as it will almost always resolve by the next business day if not sooner.


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This issue is not considered a defect, but entities should be advised that if the traveller changes bank accounts after submitting their request or expense report for processing and before it is approved, the system will default to *blank* payment method. The traveller is responsible for following up with their Finance Section to advise them as to which bank account they would like the payment made.


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We are aware of this issue and we are working on a long-term solution. Please note that the overconsumption is periodically corrected once expense reports are submitted and approved.

SF   Ref INTTRK-8734   

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This issue is not considered a defect, but entities should be advised that if the traveller is considering accepting the lump sum option for their entitlement travel, they should check "Yes" to "Advance Requested?" in the travel request, and select their payment method at the time of submission. Otherwise, they will not be able to select the payment method later on in the process.


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Please DO NOT fill in any of the Validating Carrier, itinerary, service provider fields for expense types which do not require these fields. These get pulled into the expense report and cause problems later on in the process.


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