The Umoja Academy was established to develop Umoja experts across the UN Secretariat.  

In 2016, the Umoja Academy has a re-designed curriculum to support the Local Process Experts and experienced transactional users to expand their knowledge and skills utilizing Umoja.

The programme builds LPEs capacity as Tier 0 or 2B support by focusing on end-to-end processes, integration with other module areas, reporting, trouble-shooting and creating effective iNeed tickets. The curriculum forges synergies among functional areas to reinforce skills across modules. 

The following LPE Integrated Programmes are part of the current curriculum:
1.    Non- staff Administration and Travel
2.    Funds Management
3.    Grants and Project Management with touch points on FM and FI
4.    Services delivery including Property management and cost allocations and cost recovery 
5.    Financial Accounting and Grants Accounting
6.    Source to Acquire and Logistics execution
7.    Business Intelligence Train the Trainer
8.    Organizational Management and Human resources with touch points in payroll

In order to become fully certified in each functional area, Academy participants need to pass 3 assessments: written, practical and a trouble-shooting open book assessments. All elements of the test are covered in the training.

To learn more, contact us by email at for more information on dates and admissions requirements.