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Welcome to the Field Support page on Umoja. Here you will find all information that was dedicated to the Cluster 5 deployment in field missions on 1 November 2016.


Umoja has changed the way the UN conducts many transactions and activities, including how UN Personnel manages administrative functions, benefits and entitlements. For more information on some of these key functional areas, please see below.

Human Resources

Organization Management

The Organizational Management processes are self-service processes wherein a manager identifies the need for changes in the organization structure that will affect budget, reporting or data maintenance. These processes are designed to empower authorized users in UN to be self-sufficient and leverage staff performance. This will expedite the Organizational Management actions and allow managers to focus on strategic activities. Umoja provides Organizational Management authorized users and administrators the possibility to manage reorganization and maintain organization structure accordingly to real operation needs.

Personnel Administration and Entitlements

Personnel Administration and Entitlements involves onboarding, personnel actions, staff movements, contract extensions, separation, grants, allowance and subsidies.

Time Management

The Time Management process involves the planning, recording, and valuation of internal and external employees’ work performed and absences.

Payroll and Benefits

Staff Payroll and Tax Data Collection

The Payroll Master Data process covers the update of the deductions to be taken from the net pay of staff members and non staff paid through payroll. These deductions are very diverse in nature, could be one time deductions or recurrent deductions and could be updated by various methods. The process also covers the update of ad-hoc reimbursements/payments to staff members. Most of the adjustments are deductions but there could also be payments or reimbursements. Some of the adjustments are recurring (e.g. every month for a fixed period) others are one time adjustments.

Monthly and Yearly Biennium Activities

More information coming soon!

Benefits Management

The Umoja Benefits process enables Staff members to enroll in benefit plans, terminate enrollment, monitor continuing eligibility for plans, view information about current benefit enrollments, review benefit reports, print enrollment and confirmation forms.


If you are encountering an issue using Umoja:

  1. Refer to articles, documents and resources such as Job Aids, Training Materials, and Factsheets found on this site for assistance
  2. Contact your Local ESS / MSS Focal Points
  3. If the issue is still unresolved, raise a ticket with your Local Digital Solutions Centre

If needed, please contact the DFS Umoja Global Support Centre located at the UNGSC via email at umojasupport@un.org or by phone at intermission extensions 158-5550 and 158-6550, or commercially at +39 0831 05 6550.

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